Door Installation Tips

You will be required to install your doors when constructing a new house. New doors might also be required when you are remodeling your house. This article is going to discuss the bet tips you can apply when installing the interior doors for your office or home. There are different methods of installing doors. You can hang them above the hardwood flooring or above the carpet.

When installing the doors, various tools are used which include level, hammer, chop saw, caulking gun, tape measure, and the electric drill. Materials needed include door shims, nails, putty/DAP, screws, and passage sets.

Here are the best tips for installing the doors in your office or house

Ensure that the doors are swinging away from your light switch

Fasten the door’s hinges by removing the smaller screw from the hinges and then reinstall those hinges using longer screws. His ensures the hinges are fastened properly into the 2×4. Repeat this for all the three hinges. Ensure that the hinges flush with the drywalls on both sides.

Door’s alignment

Check whether the doors are vertically aligned with the opening. The top most of the door should also be in the level. You should also make sure that door jam’s spacing, as well as the door’s spacing, is exactly equal all around the frame. Install the shims on opposite side between the 2×4 and the door jam. Now place your first shim about three inches from the floor.

The shim is then nailed into place. Place the second shim on the place where you intend to fix the strike plate. The third shim is placed at the top most corner of the door. Ensure that everything is aligned with the drywalls and nailed into its position. One this proces
s is completed, installation of the trim is done around it.

How to install the trim

First of all, determine whether you are after an off-set or a flush finish. The off-set finish should be nearly 1/8th -1/4 inches depending on one’s preference. After deciding on the best measurement to use, the measurements can be taken stating from a common reference point. Make a 45-degree cut from the shortest corner to the longest corner. The position of the short corner is where the trim was marked first.


A mirror cut is then made for the other opposite side and then the two pieces are installed. Determine the appropriate length of your top piece. The tape is then hooked over the trim and measured across the door. This gives one the required measurement from the short and the long point. It is then cut and installed into its place. The same procedure is followed for the remaining side of your door. Ensure that you re-measure the three pieces and note that they are going to have different lengths.

Fill the nail holes

Finally, make sure that you fill the nail holes and the gaps by use of DAP. After applying the DAP, you should make sure that the extra is wiped away to obtain a clean, smooth surface or finish. Once you are done, the installation of the hardware can be done.