Questions to ask before hiring a real estate agent

The real estate agency business has grown significantly over the past decade as the property bubble continues to prevail. The housing bubble is characterized by an increased demand and limited supply. Due to difficult economic times, such a bubble could persist as long as long as the supply is lower than the demand. Sometimes the bubble is government induced, and this happens when the state influences banks to lower the lending rates. A reduction of bank rates has spurred home investment and the prevailing growth of the real
estate industry.

However, before you commence the process of home investment, there are various considerations that you ought to take into serious consideration. The main factor is the employment of a real estate agent. Grant Smith will ensure that the property acquisition process is done professionally and strategically in favor of the buyer or seller. Therefore it is recommended that you take the time to ask a set of questions which will guarantee that you acquire an ideal home. These questions are enlisted as follows;

Do you have referrals?

Referrals are meant to assist you in the assessment of an agent’s potential in procuring an ideal home. Therefore it is recommended that you request for an agent’s portfolio or list of past clients who will substantiate the veracity of the agent’s assertions and abilities. Also, you can review their customer testimonials which are viewed as an honest representation of the agent’s work.

What is your work experience?

Experience is important because it is essential in equipping the agent with relevant knowledge of the market. Market knowledge will prove invaluable during the house hunting process as well as during price value negotiation. An experienced agent will have prior knowledge of an ideal offer and pursue it accordingly. Home investment requires an agent who can accurately predict future market trends and advice you suitably. For example, an experienced agent will advise you on the best and worst period to invest in a home in a particular location.

What is your commission?

Fees and commissions differ depending on the firm and the value of the property. Therefore it is imperative to negotiate with an agent and settle on a rate that is within your budget. Also, you ought to consider the services they provide and the cost that they will charge. For example, some agents provide marketing and home staging services to the seller, and therefore you should discuss and agree on the rates well beforehand.